Case Studies

“I bought my La Porchetta franchise almost 15 years ago, because I thought the concept of good food at affordable prices is a winner and that proved to be absolutely right.” 
Vito Ramondetta – La Porchetta Melton

“The purchasing of my first La Porchetta in 2008 was the realisation of a dream come true. Since the age of eleven or twelve, all I ever wanted was to own my own La Porchetta restaurant. I began working at my local restaurant at fifteen as a Pizza-boy. Within four weeks I was promoted to a Pizza/Bar manager, and my passion for La Porchetta really started to show like Napoletana sauce running through my veins. It was hard work for someone so young, and sometimes I worked overtime and on weekends, but I was never happier.

Two years on, while my friends were organising their end of high school celebrations, I was focused on the fact that I could sign a 'legally binding document'. That change my life forever. After going through the rigorous screening the application process La Porchetta Support Office requires, I had a meeting with the CEO, Sara. Sara did not hide the fact that my chances of approval were very slim due to my age. It took a lot of persuasion, determination and ambition to prove my abilities. Days later I was at La Porchetta's original restaurant, training. Rocky, one of the founders of La Porchetta taught me everything I needed to know and it was the best experience of my life.

I now own two La Porchetta restaurants. One in which I have purchased and am now my own Landlord for my Traralgon (first) restaurant and employs 50–60 employees. Although it has now been over five years since I became a La Porchetta franchisee, but my passion and love for the brand has only grown stronger.

La Porchetta has been a very profitable business decision. I do sometime have to remind myself that I am only in my early twenties and that I am truly living the dream I had from the moment that I walked into my first ever La Porchetta Restaurant in 1999.”
John Fkiaras – La Porchetta Traralgon


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